The purchase of a property is generally the largest single item that most people will ever buy.  You therefore need reliable and accurate advice and confidence that the process will be handled in a professional manner. You need to be kept informed of the developments and told of any problems that may arise along the way.

Similarly when selling you need to ensure that your sale is dealt with appropriately by a contract that protects your interest not an “Off the Shelf” document that has little bearing to your needs. You should ensure that your interests are properly looked after and your sale is transacted in a professional and trouble free manner.

Unfortunately some people shop around and go for the lowest price thinking that "it is all the same". Regrettably, these people get what they pay for. Not all that handle conveyancing look after their client’s interest and in the process damage the reputation of all in the industry by their actions.  We caution clients to take care in their selection of a conveyancer to ensure their purchase or sale is transacted properly.

Our firm offers reliable advice and is able to handle any property or conveyancing issue that may arise minimizing the risk of potential problems.

Our services include:

    • Selling a residence or rural property
    • Buying a residence or acreage
    • Refinancing and attending to your loan and mortgage documents
    • Subdivision of land – attending to lodgement of plan of subdivision.
    • First Home Buyers Grants